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Idea to Design Stylish Living Room - HouseOme.com

Living Room is most important place in an apartment which depict personality of the owner. To leave best impression on your guest you need to design it to reflect a true you. It should be simple yet elegant.

Most people buy Sofa, Dining Table and Center Table from open market to save cost, as customization is expensive. However readymade units might not gel wellwith the interior designed by professional.

Lights and color play important factor while designing a Living Room. You need to be very cautious and updated with the latest trend while choosing lights and color. You can choose feature wall or texture wall to highlight. Wall can be decorated using highlighter, light, photo frame or mix of all. Wall paper can also be used at feature wall.

False ceiling can give twist to the living room. It can be used to highlight wall and the room. LED strips plays important role yet saves electricity. Conceal LED lights can beautify your home. You can also use spot lights to highlight those expensive art pieces.

It is imperative to use best material while decorating your living room as it will give life to your home else after few months you might have to search for its repairing.

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published by HouseOme 2017-03-20


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