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"Go Pro single-handedly started the action camera genre of cameras. It is small, light and packed with features you will need in your daily outdoor activities. Most notably its use in underwater photography and film-making. Then came along other well-known brands such as Sony that came up with a different shape. Then came other lesser known brands mostly from China such as SJCam, Xiaomi and Thieye that are climbing up the popularity ladder as a cheaper alternative for Go Pro.

Of course with the rise of action cameras, there will be always a ton of accessories you can buy to either customize it or mount it on almost anywhere. Mostly you will see waterproof casings and floating handheld accessory called the bobber. Others are suction cup mounts that you can stick to windshields or car exteriors. Some have bike mounts and wearable straps on the chest and head so you will have a hands-free experience when biking, surfing, skiing or whatever sport you love doing. There is even a dog strap so you can hook a camera on it and record where it’s been doing the whole day.

Action cameras indeed get a lot of flexibility thanks to various accessories or add-ons. Here at GadgetSquid.com, you can find a wide selection of accessories mentioned above. We even got those you might have not known of yet. We also have parts for any action camera accessories such as adapters, latches, screen protectors and screws that is quite hard to find on physical stores. We have the best prices without sacrificing quality. So go ahead, look around our store and get what you need."

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published by elvissasuman 2017-03-03


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