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Granite, marble and quartz are a few of the top preferable stones used worldwide for surfacing the kitchen countertops and flooring. Choosing the right kitchen countertops and flooring can be a little time consuming and brain tiring.

To make a decision on the right type of stone for your kitchen areas, consider answering the given questions first:

• Which surface material choice can suit your kitchen workings the best?

• What are the top strengths of your chosen material?

• Does the stone design and colour match your kitchen décor?

1: Quartz

Quartz stone is exceptionally famous for its durability factor. Quartz flooring and countertops can sway you the most if you are interested in colours and varieties. Earlier, quartz was not a popular option as there were limited options available in colours, designs and patterns. Today, you can choose from a range of colours in shades of black, red, brown, green, and cream. Unlike before, people can now get a quartz stone with sandblasted, honed, or embossed treatment that was earlier restricted only to a polished design.

Quartz is engineered in a factory, contrasting natural stone slabs which are mined. It is combined with a minuscule percentage of polyester resins in the plant so as to bind the element and instil pigments in it for colours. The added ingredient further makes the countertops stain and scratch resistant and nonporous, which is why quartz installations do not require occasional sealing touch-ups to stay in upright condition for years.

Quartz countertops, being waterproof, can be balanced with an under mounted sink. Moreover, its flooring can endure an ordeal of spills, knives, hot pots, and much more

2: Granite

creation involves a natural process of the crystallisation of molten rocks, which undertakes an enormous amount of heat and compression over time. Being porous, it requires right sealing about every two years to avoid casual abrasions like stains, cloudiness, scratches and further damages; still, the stone is favoured among others for its solidity and resistance to acids.

Even though, granite offers a fascinating optical look naturally, when polished a couple of times in a year, it is likely to remain new, smooth, lustrous and reflective even a decade later. Granite

offers multiple colour choices for your kitchen countertops; choose from peach, tan, grey, yellow-gold, taupe, brown to off-white and blue-gray.

Just like quartz, a granite slab effectively survives spills, hot pots, knives and other likely damages. It is tolerable to the heat generated by cooking or serving food and doesn’t display watermarks. Therefore, if you want to invest in low-maintenance flooring and countertops that remain resistant to harms like discolour or sensitive cleaning chemicals, granite stone can serve your requirements the best.

3: Marble

A marble countertop is used significantly for creating a luxurious and sophisticated appeal. You can get a wide array of kitchen marble flooring and tile ranges with beautiful finishes and rich crystal forms such as polished, tumbled, honed, etc. and colour variations with a variety of shades of white, black, cream, green and pink. Proper sealing is necessary for marble counter to remove the cuts, stains and acid damages. Marble has been considered a symbol of tradition and distinguished taste since ages.


Installing the right stone kind in your kitchen can enhance its visual appearance, and make everyone entering your kitchen, fall in love with it. It is imperative to pick a quality stone from amongst a myriad of stone options to get age old longevity and appealing kitchen décor.

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