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Discover the top reasons why Granite, Marble, or Quartz countertops are right for your Victoria, BC home

Exotic Stone Canada

Natural stone is charming…

Natural stone provides an authenticity that cannot be manufactured. Forged naturally over centuries of compression and geological change, these stone surfaces can be combined effortlessly with any other material. It also suits our natural surrounding on Vancouver Island – it’s the perfect surface for kitchens in Victoria, BC.

Natural stone is eco-friendly…

At Exotic Stone, we cherish the beauty of our natural surroundings in Victoria and strive to create a product that is environmentally friendly. Unlike synthetic materials, natural stone already exists in nature. For this reason, creating countertops from natural stone produces less waste than laminate or concrete surfaces and, when locally sourced, requires less energy.

Unlike other materials, which can lose their form after a few years and need to be replaced, natural stone countertops will remain the centerpiece of your kitchen indefinitely. A natural stone counter is something you won’t want to replace.

Natural stone comes in many forms…

Natural stone is available in a variety of shapes and colors. Having outfitted kitchens all over Victoria, We’ve proven that regardless of your needs, you can find what you’re looking for in natural stone.

Natural stone ages well…

While many building materials become less presentable with the passage of time, the natural stone gets a natural patina that does not take away its beauty. Even centuries-old natural stone floors can be abraded and then be restored to their original condition.

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