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Perfect delivery is your master key to ground-breaking success in the world of business. Most of the corporate world is using digital technology/solutions as a key to deliver perfection. Let’s not waste any time and come to the point straightaway. Most of the businesses are going digital. Considering this, what is the key to success of your business? The answer to this question is not very difficult.

Soft Prodigy - Software Testing

Software testing services is the right answer. Every business makes use of some specific and productive business software. A successful software acts as a powerful spine for your business and paves a roadway towards ground-breaking corporate success. What is a software? What makes any software successful or productive for any business? These are two very important questions that arise at this stage.

Talking about software, their types, development lifecycle, will help you understand Software testing and everything related to it to perfection.

1. What is a software? What are the types of software?

Software is a combination of various programs and specific operating information. It is specifically used by a computer or a smartphone for catering to the needs of a user. There are four different kinds of software.

• System Software.

• Application Software.

• Custom Software

• Packaged Software

What is the difference between the types of software mentioned above? Let’s learn about this difference to learn about software testing and everything related to it. Let’s define all of them one by one for you.

A. System Software:

System software is a combination of programs particularly dedicated to the management of vital internal components of any computer system such as:

1. The operating system.

2. Disk Operating System.

3. Utilities for perfect management of system files.

4. Device Drivers.

B. Application Software:

Application programs are also called productivity programs for their efficiency. End User Programs is also the name of application programs. Why application programs are called End User Programs? Application programs are called End User Programs or Productivity programs because they are dedicated to performing various day-to-day tasks for users. These tasks may include the creation of documents, spreadsheets, publications, databases, conducting online researches for something, preparing designs of graphics, handling various business processes on digital front, sending e-mails and even enjoying video games for mental recreation after spending a tiresome day in the office. Every application software is specific to the task it is specifically designed to perform under various kinds of circumstances.

C. Custom Software:

Some of the application software are specifically licensed to make sure that every user has to buy it for using it. Some of the software are open sources applications. These open source software applications are specifically designed or edited for every organization to meet its needs. Such type of software are called custom software.

D. Packaged software:

Packaged software is always ready for sale, lease or public use. It is also popularly known as a software package which is often programmed to perform similar functions and includes a lot of similar features. Packaged software are often bundled together as a set of particular software programs. Packaged software are often ready-made and available for use.

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