How to increase popularity and traffic of your blog

Here are some of our tips about increasing popularity of your blog.

How to increase popularity and traffic of your blogBlogging has become popular in this age of internet. Everyone is talking about blogging and all. However, not every blog is of high quality. There are certain bloggers who just copy paste other’s post or just rewrite it. The characteristics of a quality blog are entirely different. A quality blog is unique and free from any type of error. Moreover, a high quality blog stick to one subject and shows passion towards it. It does not mean that, a high quality blog will get popularity. The popularity of a quality blog depends upon many factors. They are as follows-

Be social

Everyone is on the internet and 8 out of 10 people use the social media sites. Thus, use of social media sites is a big leap that makes a blog popular as successful integration with the social media sites help in gaining high traffic from these sites. Gaining traffic from Google ads or Facebook ads may cost blogger money. However, a good social media profile can lead to thousands of traffic. For achieving this, it is important to participate in arguments or messaging with other users etc.

Be consistent and frequent

For making a successful and popular blog, it is important to be consistent. If a blogger post 2 blogs a week in the first week and in the second week, it has become 6 posts a week, then it is not going to do any good. It is important to be consistent with 2 posts a week or 6 posts a week.

Stick with one subject

If you are blogging about simple steps for solving computer problems and then in the next week, you have gone for another topic which illustrates review of garments. It is not going to do any good, rather can very badly harm a blog. Sticking with one subject brings uniqueness as well as popularity as well.

Make SEO friendly blog

Another condition for popular blogging is that of creating SEO friendly blogs. The more you write SEO friendly blogs, the more you get traffic from search engines.

Take part in discussions

Doing blogging and not even taken part in discussions in regards to controversial posts, and then your blog will not get popularity. Take part in discussions and clear everyone’s doubts. Being friendly with others can create a emotional bondage and can help in gaining traffic for your blog.

Guest blogging

Write blogs as guest blogger in other popular blogging sites and from there, start promoting your blog. It can bring traffic for your blog and can help in make it popular.

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