How we made axonator.com highly scalable

Axonator is a codeless development platform that allows non-programmers to easily and quickly build form and workflow based high performance mobile apps. Axonator provides you a drag-and-drop form builder to quickly build rich data capture forms and an equally powerful visual workflow designer to automate your business. The apps are published to your enterprise app store effectively bypassing the long and tedious apple submission process - all with just a click of a single button.

How we made axonator.com highly scalable

Axonator is a complete ecosystem system for the modern mobile-first enterprises. Whether you’re capturing data about events, incidents, assets, surveys or inspections or deploying complex workflows in the field, Axonator is the optimal platform to connect your field employees and data to your decision dashboard.

The high-performance, efficient workflow engine in Axonator handles data submission traffic equally well before switching and routing each request to the user or other destinations. Companies deploy Axonator to manage the field data capture associated with their business activities like sales or inspections and to make their business more responsive, scalable, fast, and profitable.

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published by axonator 2015-10-31