What Makes Indian Food Different From Other Cuisines?

Have you heard a lot about tandoori chicken tikka? Is the increasing popularity of Indian cuisine encouraging you to try it? Over years, this food style has secured a place for itself in people’s favorites list. It has emerged as one of the most popular cuisines around world.

What Makes Indian Food Different From Other Cuisines?

Variety & options – This is probably the biggest reason behind the immense popularity of this cuisine. There are endless options when it comes to Indian food. Whether it’s in vegetarian dishes, non-vegetarian, appetizers or beverages, you can get numerous options in this cuisine. It provides something for everyone according to their taste and preferences. In vegetarian, you get options like makhni curry, malai kofta, aloo palak, bengan bartha and more. On the other hand, non-vegetarian includes dishes like pasanda, kabob tikka masala, chicken tikka masala, malai chicken, goat curry, lamb chops etc.

Use of spices – Use of different types of spices is also an aspect that makes Indian food different from others. Spices like red chili, bay leaf, asafetida, fennel seed, cloves, black cardamom, cumin seeds, black pepper grains, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander powder, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger and more are widely used in preparing these dishes. These spices provide the distinctive taste and delicious flavor to the Indian dishes.

Use of herbs – Variety of herbs are also used to prepared dishes from this cuisine. It includes mint, basil, rosemary, parsley, thyme, chives, sage and more. Not only these increase the taste factor in recipe, but they also make food healthier with their health benefits.

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published by tandoorclarkeville 2015-10-14