Wedding Video Invitations

It’s time one up the wedding playing field. Your wedding is not like other wedding. It's not like your friend's wedding or the latest family member who said, "I do." Your wedding is about you and your fiancé. Do something different.

Wedding Video Invitations

That something different is wedding invitations. A five minute video invitation is a summary of your love story you can share with your nearest and dearest. Here are a few tips to make it extra special.


Find old pictures from the time you spent dating and create a movie slide show using iMovie.

Make sure that one of the slides includes the details of your wedding.

Add an mp3 in the background of your video and upload it to Inviter for your wedding invitation. Create the video invitation easily in 5 minutes. That 5 minutes is going trigger conversations and anticipation for the most spectacular wedding your guests have ever been to.

Wedding video invitation sample

Wedding video invitations are ways for you to share your love and memories. But they are also more cost effective and environmentally friendly. You can have the wedding of your dreams and save the hundreds of dollars you would have spent on traditional invitations and use that budget elsewhere. Save the trees that would have been used to create the invitations and be proud of a greener, more environmentally friendly way of celebrating your love.

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published by Meghanath 2015-07-23