Tetra Vermi Bed - Innovation in the field of agriculture

Tetra vermi bed lamifabs is the largest agriculture equipment manufacturers in india, producing vermi bed, poly pond, green fern, eco conserve products for the farmers and farms.

Tetra Vermi Bed - Innovation in the field of agriculture

When we speak of innovation in the field of agriculture, we play a major role in directly impacting the efficiency of farming. Organic farming is necessary to not only improve the fertility of soil, but it also leads to an eco-friendly way of agriculture. Tetra Vermi Bed is one such product which has been designed to assist the farmers in better output and to accelerate the concept of organic farming.

The structure of the bed is already ready and can be installed within two hours. Since it has a really sophisticated structure, it can be easily moved to other places. Easy portability is one of its important features! It reduces a great number of restrictions that could have been there.

A good amount of ventilation has been provided to enhance the process of vermicomposting. An outlet has been created to take out the vermi-wash that is produced after the process. It contains a lot of nutrients and can be used to fertilize crops. This wash is sprayed on the crops.

Last but definitely not the least, Vermi Bed is 3.5 times lesser in cost than the conventional prices and can be used up to 5 years. It provides us with an all-rounded tool which can be used to increase crop production and at the same time, engage in organic farming!

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published by lamifabs 2015-07-18