Lamifabs India Aims - Cost Effective, Healthy and Organic Farming

Tetra vermi bed lamifabs is the largest agriculture equipment manufacturers in india, producing vermi bed, poly pond, green fern, eco conserve products for the farmers and farms.

Lamifabs India Aims - Cost Effective, Healthy and Organic Farming

Farmers form an integral part of our economy and living. Lamifabs India aims to lend a hand to farmers in making their farming activities easier. Its vision is to manufacture innovative products for the prosperity of farmers so that they cultivate green and highly productive farms.

All of their products come at affordable prices as compared to other market prices, hence bringing relief to them. The raw material used is of high quality and hence assures a long life to these products. Lamifabs attempts to bring out a change in agricultural practices to promote sustainable development.

Some of the benefits that farmers can expect are- reduce in expenses on chemical fertilizers, conservation of rainwater and composting waste material. Namely, some of their products are: Tetraa Vermi Bed, Poly Pond, Eco Conserve and Tetraa Green Fern.

Apart from being every farmer’s friend, Lamifabs aims to reach out to everyone else through their innovative products like Kitchen Garden Vermibed which can be used in homes.

Established in 1986, it has been striving to meet the needs of farmers and continues to modify their products accordingly.

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published by lamifabs 2015-07-18