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Go Nomad

Go Nomad is a travel-related website that talks about different travel and holiday destinations across the world. There are many articles providing tips and advice regarding places to stay, activities and so on.

Bear in mind that this is an honest and opinionated review that has no affiliations with the website, its products and services. The review is based on my personal experience with the website.


Go Nomad is not a travel agency, but rather an informative travel website that produces travel articles on different destinations around the world. From the website it appears that every destination in the world is covered. The website has travel writers who probably write travel related articles on different destinations, places to stay, transport options and more. There’s also a side menu with new and popular travel destinations including places like Namibia, Nepal, Bangladesh. It seems like their writers constantly come up with new topics meant to help would-be travelers.

The website also has various cuisines and meals to try out in different destinations, photos, places to stay and activities in virtually any destination in the world. The site probably has a big database to cater for all the different destinations.

A search box is also available for you to enter your preferred destination and view what’s on offer and what to expect.


Articles on the website are informative, and seem to have been written by experienced travel writers. They are well researched and include comprehensive and detailed information about the preferred destination.

There are articles on different transport options in different destinations, and these include flights, rail travel, cruises, equestrian, bicycle trips and freighter cruises. A specialized section for travel books, films, gear, goods and music is available to offer responsible and sustainable travel.

There are links to various websites where you can purchase your visas, air tickets, rental cars, hotels, hostel accommodation, travel insurance and airport parking.

You can visit the website and browse through your preferred destinations, and if need be purchase all you need through the links provided. There are travel tips, advice and more about different travel destinations to all corners of the world. New travel topics pop up on the homepage all the time.

Travel Articles

There are travel related articles on the website which include: family travel destinations and tips; ongoing festivals; hiking areas, tips and advice; skiing resorts; outdoor activities; museums; women’s travel destinations, unusual tours and more.


Go Nomad is a comprehensive website that provides would-be travelers with a wealth of information, travel tips and advice for different destinations around the world. The website is fairly easy to use and navigate and the advice is detailed and thorough.

The website is recommended for anyone interested in knowing more about the culture, dining, activities and more about the particular destination that they want to visit.

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published by admin 2015-03-09