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Our Awesome Planet restaurant website review.

Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet is a website that talks about different Asian restaurants and cuisines, particularly in the Philippines. There are also some on Latin American restaurants. The website is run by food entrepreneur Anton Diaz.

Bear in mind that is an honest and opinionated review that has no affiliations with the website, its products and services. The review is based on my personal experience with the website.


Anton Diaz, an online entrepreneur is the founder of this website. He claims to have worked for one of the largest multinational companies in the Philippines for over 12 years before quitting and deciding to create a blog.

The blog aims at creating international awareness and recognition of various Philippines restaurants and local dishes. Based on personal analysis the website has over 120,000 followers and receives over a million hits a month. The author claims to advocate for “Food and Travel Secrets” in the Asian country that is comprised by over 7,000 islands. It inspires Filipinos and other nationals that life in the Philippines is awesome, especially the local cuisine.

The website has hundreds of topics all spanning different restaurants and meals to try out in the Philippines. Those interested in trying some local and indigenous dishes will truly find the website inspiring.


Our Awesome Planet features an array of top restaurants to try out in Manila as well as dishes. It also includes the same for nearby Indonesia, and although the author seems to be a dedicated food lover, little is known if he has actually tried out all of those restaurants and dishes. But from his followers, its without doubt that he is what he claims to be.

The website includes topics such as “50 awesome restaurants in Philippines,” which certainly must have involved some incredible research and experience seeing that each restaurant reviewed has an address as well as the types of cuisines offered there.

Ease of Use

The website is fairly easy to use and navigate. There’s a search box where you can enter a town or city and you’ll get a list of restaurants and cuisines to try out there. There are also side menus with other related topics and an option to subscribe for a newsletter to receive the latest information and tips regarding restaurants and meals.

Guess it goes to show the diversity and growing interest in Filipino restaurants and meals.


After navigating through the website and reading more about what it talks about, I can attest to the fact the website if detailed and informative. The author seems to have taken a lot of time coming up with the endless list of restaurants and dishes.

International travelers and local guests will find the website pretty useful and if you’re interested in knowing which restaurants and foods to try while in Philippines you will find the website useful.

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published by admin 2015-03-09