Hotel Chatter

Hotel chatter is one of the most popular travel websites.

Hotel Chatter

Hotel Chatter is a hotel-related website that provides reviews about hotels. It basically lists various hotels in different destinations, gives reviews about them, their location and how to book. It also includes a gallery and hotel-related news.

Bear in mind that this is an honest and opinionated review that has no affiliations with the website, its products and services. The review is based on my personal experience with the website.


Hotel Chatter provides reviews about different hotels across the U.S. and beyond. It is basically a hotel website where users can search for hotels in different cities, read about them and decide whether or not they want to book. The site will include the hotel’s location, some detailed info about it, rates, check-in dates and an option to make your reservation.

It will provide top hotel-related news, galleries, hotel renovations, hotel constructions and plenty more. It seems like one of those go-to websites when looking for hotel accommodation within a certain price range.

The website isn’t a travel agent of some sort, but you’ll find links that take you to travel agents where your booking will be processed if your need one.

What to Expect

You can expect a vibrant, dynamic and fairly easy to use website. The website features a “Sections” button where you can read about hotel openings, hotel deals, tour videos, hotel hypes and reviews. It also features “Edition Hotels” a link that will take you through an inside tour of some upscale hotels including exclusive clips of chefs cooking and more.

There’s a search box where you can enter your search. The rather peculiar thing is that, when you enter a city in the search box, for example “Paris” or “Hotels in Dallas” you get a list of links directing you to other pages instead of actually getting the results from within itself. When visiting the site you’d have expected that everything is within the website and not from some external links. Most news briefs, tours, hotel reviews and more are however written solely by the website.

Is It Reliable and Accurate

I’m yet to make a booking on this website to know whether or not it is a reliable outfit. From navigating through the site it appears that the prices are current and you can make an instant booking, although through a link to some site. It certainly looks accurate and the review content seems genuine and current.


Hotel Chatter seems to meet expectations, the site provides in-depth, comprehensive reviews about different hotels in particular areas. It also determines if rooms are available, shows you the price and allows you to make your booking through certain affiliate links. There are also great articles on different hotels as well as news, tours and more. A good website that can used by both the budget and affluent traveler.

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published by admin 2015-03-09