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Y Travel Blog is a travel-related website that provides information on different travel destinations around the globe. The website gives a list of things to do, what to eat, accommodation, activities and more for particular regions and cities.

Bear in mind that this is an honest and opinionated review that has no affiliations with the website, its products and services. The review is based on my personal experience with the website.


Y Travel Blog is a website that provides travel information for the enthusiast traveler. It gives tips and advice to would-be travelers to low-cost destinations as well as how to spend cheaply in different destinations. the site also provides info on variety of cuisines to try out while on vacation as well as things to do, like teaching English in Asian schools.

The website serves a major source of information for mostly backpackers, family travelers and those on budget who don’t know much about the places they will be visiting. This includes, things to discover, some adventure to immerse yourself in and more to make your vacation a safe, cheap and memorable.

You can filter your destination on the website and you’ll get a list of things to do there, travel advice and tips as well as accommodation options and foods to try.

How to Search

Searching on Y Travel Blog is simple and straightforward. The homepage has a list of new travel-related articles, but if you are interested in knowing about a particular destination, you can choose your region or select a guide and you’ll get a list of travel information about that destination. Other related destinations will also appear for you to see. For example if you select the Africa and Middle East region, you’ll get topics on places to check out in Capetown, South Africa, top meals to try when cruising on the Nile River and more.

Results are instant, informative and cover a wide range of features and amenities.

Is the Advice Legitimate?

I personally think the website is legitimate. I tried it out by performing a search for Singapore, a place I’ve visited before and some of the articles and things to do that came up were similar to what I did while there on vacation.

In addition, not all the travel articles are written by staff, but guest writers who’ve been to different parts of the world also get to guest post.

Travel Deals

There are several travel deals the website offers. These include, flight searches, booking and accommodation, travel eBooks, travel insurance, photography as well as volunteering in particular regions.


Y Travel Blog seems to provide legitimate and accurate travel information. The site covers all regions and includes even the most remote of places that normally don’t appear in many travel blogs. There are also meals to try out and things to do which in overall makes traveling easy.

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published by admin 2015-03-09